April 18, 2024

Fox & Monocle 2300 Canoe Cove RD, North Saanich

April will be one single early evening at the Fox & Monocle in Canoe Cove. Its quite well regarded in the evenings, they offer cakes and sandwiches at lunch.
Since they are closed on Wednesday, we will all meet on Thursday, April 18. The owners would like us to start as early as possible, so we can arrive as soon as 4.30/4.45 (or even earlier), target 5PM for the later arrivals. Service will be by table, so please complete the tables as you arrive. The kitchen is small, so we will order and be served by table (in rapid succession as I understood), as the kitchen can only set out and present 6 plates at one time - hence tables of 6.
We have room for up to 24 people.