Management Meeting

Date: April 30 ,2024
Location: Dickens Pub Time 2:00


 Don Lambourne, Brian Muir, Noel Currie, Doug Watts, Rod McLeod, Barry Hawheswood, Andy Rosequist, Gordon Skultety


Club activities
Don Lambourne Spoke about annual BBQ to be held June 26, 5pm-8pm Centennial Park, Shelter #2 (booked.)
Andy getting liability insurance
Kathy Fimrite making Broccoli salad
Potatoes are being prepared by Tom W, Doug W. and Don L.
Bernaise sauce Don L.
Meat prepared by Andy
Planning for 60 people, Cost will be $20.00 per person
Rod McLeod will be head person for set up and clean up.
Everyone to bring own plates, cutlery, dishes, table cloth, napkins, drinks. No alcohol on premises.
Andy to discuss BBQ at the monthly meeting
Ralph to put it in CR

Don received an email from Ian Kennedy that this is the 30th year for our Probus club. He is planning on being at our next monthly meeting.

Meeting adjourned 2:30pm